Youth and Community Development

Activities to engage youth in cultural, civic, and service learning activities in the community.


CX3 stands for Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention. It is a youth –led effort in Escondido that measures the healthy food environment in our community and identifies opportunities for improvement. The goal of CX3 is to empower communities to work together and improve their neighborhoods to become healthier places to live, work and play. Continue reading "CX3"

Drug-Free Communities

Drug-Free Communities (DFC) program serves Escondido, California through the Coalition for Drug Free Escondido, a local coalition comprised of organizations and persons who are interested in working together to prevent youth access to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in Escondido, California. Continue reading "Drug-Free Communities"

Helping Hands

Group of students in 3 rows with the helping hand banner Helping Hands (HH) is a teen volunteer club, composed of high school students, who want to make a difference in their community. The students meet twice a month to prepare for various community service projects throughout the month. Continue reading "Helping Hands"

Safe Routes to School

Teachers, counselors, and students join together to walk to school featured A program in Escondido works to empower and enable the youth within the community to actively commute to and from school safely. Escondido Union School District in collaboration with Escondido Education COMPACT’s efforts emphasize the Safe Routes to Schools initiative focusing on the five E’s of the program; education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation and engineering. The goal is to create awareness, enhance leadership and gather community input on traffic safety, personal safety and walkability issues in the community. Continue reading "Safe Routes to School"

Community Events

COMPACT participates in annual community events such as Kids at the Park, National Night Out, National Youth Service Day, Peace Begins with ME, and Join Hands Day.

Peace Begins with Me 2016 was a huge success!! Continue reading "Community Events"