Drug-Free Communities

Drug-Free Communities (DFC) program serves Escondido, California through the Coalition for Drug Free Escondido, a local coalition comprised of organizations and persons who are interested in working together to prevent youth access to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in Escondido, California. Coalition for Drug Free Escondido Mission: To prevent alcohol, marijuana and other drug use in Escondido through awareness, prevention, advocacy and action. Coalition for Drug Free Escondido Vision: Healthy youth, families and communities free of problems related to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

Reduce Alcohol Availability and Access

Our strategies include increasing community capacity to prevent further over-concentration of alcohol outlets in Escondido; Passing a policy establishing a CUP process for all businesses in Escondido. The CUP will include restrictions and requirements for alcohol sales; and working with existing alcohol establishments to increase responsible sales & service practices (promotions) and reduce alcohol inventory (product types, price) and easy access (placement). Continue reading "Reduce Alcohol Availability and Access"

Reduce Marijuana Use Among Youth

Our strategies include reducing normalization of marijuana by reducing youth access to marijuana and paraphernalia, and collaborating in monitoring retail marijuana outlets in violation of the Dispensary Ban to prevent retail marijuana sales, as well as to coordinating/collaborating regionally, state & federal to keep marijuana a Schedule 1 Substance in the Controlled Substance Act.