A program in Escondido works to empower and enable the youth within the community to actively commute to and from school safely. Escondido Union School District in collaboration with Escondido Education COMPACT’s efforts emphasize the Safe Routes to Schools initiative focusing on the five E’s of the program; education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation and engineering. The goal is to create awareness, enhance leadership and gather community input on traffic safety, personal safety and walkability issues in the community.

Walk to School 2014

 Bike to School Day

Education Ways to educate students, parents, and community members:
  • Classroom or Physical Education Lessons (Pedestrian Safety Week)
  • Parent Involvement
  • Safety Messages
  • Integrate messages into classroom subjects (Art, Geography, Math, etc.)
  • School Zone Signage
  • Supervised Skill Practice (Bicycle Rodeo Training)
  • Safety Trainings and Walkability Workshops
  • Safety Assembly ( Guest Speakers, Demonstrations)
Encouragement Ways to encourage youth to participate: Contests
  • Mileage Contest (frequent walker card, set a mileage goal of walking across the U.S.)
  • Logo Contest
  • Gold Shoes Award
  • Walk of Fame
Ongoing Activities
  • Theme Days (Walk to School Wednesdays, Fitness Fridays)
  • Walking School Bus (walking group)
  • Morning Run Club
  • Pedestrian Safety Dance
  • Travel Tally Posters
Enforcement Ways to enforce safety around school: Law Enforcement
  • Speed Trailers and Monitors
  • Traffic Complaint Hotlines
  • Photo Enforcement
  • Pedestrian Decoy’ operations
  • Progressive Ticketing
  • Speed Enforcement in School Zones
Adult Crossing Guards Ensure students cross the street safely and use crosswalks Monitor street crossing and driver behavior Safe Walk Program Monitor and report safety issues during morning and afternoon peak hours Evaluation Ways to evaluate program participation and school site needs:
  • Surveys
  • Parent Surveys (class assignment)
  • In-class Student Tally
  • California Healthy Kids Survey
  • Site Analysis
  • School Facility Assessment
  • Walk Audit
  • School Data Collection
Engineering Ways to enhance school site through engineering strategies: Traffic Calming
  • School Speed Limit Sign
  • Changeable Message Sign
  • Portable Speed Feedback Sign
  • School Advance Warning and Crosswalk Signs
  • Pavement Markings
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Marking Crosswalks
Sidewalk Improvements Traffic Calming (CONT’D)
  • Bike Lanes
  • Traffic Signals
  • Narrow lanes
  • Chokers and chicanes
  • Speed humps
  • Raised pedestrian crosswalks
  • Neighborhood traffic circles
  • Reduced corner radii
  • Speed sensitive signals
  • Route Maps
  • Traffic Safety Map