Your dollar makes an impact

By supporting COMPACT, you are helping shape the lives of those looking make a difference. Whether you want to support young student leaders making a difference in their local community or you want to provide second chance opportunities to youth offenders, COMPACT will make your donation count! As a local non-profit organization, we do not charge for our services, we believe in being accessible to our community. Our goal is to provide high quality programs and services for individuals to reach their fullest potential.

For the past 29 years COMPACT has served North County by providing innovative leadership development,  workforce development, violence prevention and health/safety/well-being programs that are consistent with our original mission.  

Your financial contribution will help us continue with this mission!

Escondido Education COMPACT  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization as identified by the I.R.S. code. Your donation is tax deductible under our federal tax ID: 33-0403419.

Supporting COMPACT is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Support us while you shop!


Step 1:

On a desktop or laptop computer visit https://smile.amazon.com

Log in using your login information from Amazon.com

Under the search bar you will see the words ‘Supporting,’ click on this link and it will redirect you to select a non-profit to support.

Click on image to enlarge.


Step 2:

You will be asked to identify the non-profit you would like to support through your purchases. Please type in Escondido Education COMPACT in the search box titled ‘Or pick your own charitable organization.’ Then click on the search button.

Click on image to enlarge.


Step 3:

You should now see Escondido Education as an option, please click on the select button next to our name.

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Step 4:

Congrats! You have now selected COMPACT as your charitable non-profit to support!

Only purchases made through smile.amazon.com will help us raise funds! Purchases made through the Amazon.com website or Amazon mobile app will not redirect .05% of the profits to us.

Whenever you want to make a purchase on Amazon remember to purchase through smile.amazon.com

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2. Donate via Facebook’s online platform!


If you prefer to make your donation through the Facebook platform, you can visit our Facebook homepage and follow the prompts after selecting the donate button.

Your donation through COMPACT is secure and you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

You will receive an donation confirmation to the email associated with your Facebook account, you can use this confirmation if you would like to report your donation for tax purposes.

You can even create birthday fundraisers in support of COMPACT!

Facebook Donation Image.jpg

3. Mail in your check!


Avoid having the amount you donate reduced due to platform fees by mailing or dropping off your check to our office. We will provide you with a donation confirmation letter for tax purposes.

You can mail your donation check to:

Escondido Education COMPACT

220 South Broadway,

Escondido, CA. 92005

Mail for Website.jpg

4. Donate items from our Wish List


As we continue to expand our services and community impact, we encounter financial barriers to purchase items often not part of grants or covered through donations. If you would like to allocate your donation to specific programs or needs, take a look at our Amazon Wish List for items that we need for our upcoming expansion, community events, and youth groups.

Here’s how you can make your item contribution.

  1. Check out our Amazon Wish List.

  2. Log into your Amazon account and add any items from our wish list to your Amazon shopping cart.

  3. Purchases made directly off the wish list will be sent to our office!


  4. If you would like to donate items but do not wish to do so through Amazon, you can always shop independently and drop off items at our office!


We appreciate all the support from our COMPACT family!