Our Programs

As a community based organization with many years of experience servicing and assessing the needs of our local communities, we have provide a variety of services in  our 5 program areas of focus: Academic Support, Health & Wellness, Leadership Development, Prevention & Intervention, and Workforce Development. To achieve our goal of improving communities, our programs service both youth and adults. 


Academic Support

Our services are designed to engage others to take an active role in their education. 



Health & Wellness

We take a holistic approach when it comes to focusing our efforts on improving the health and wellness of our communities. In order to achieve healthy communities, we create safe and healthy environments that allow others to take action for themselves!

Leadership Development

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow today! We encourage our youth and community members to take an active role in the community by engaging in civic, cultural, and service learning activities within our community and beyond. Our programs offered empower both our youth and adults to prepare them for active participation in a variety of capacities. 


Prevention & Intervention

We offer various service geared toward the prevention and intervention of violence. These services are a second chance opportunity for young offenders. 

Workforce Development

Career development through implementation of educational and rehabilitative services. For youth, these services focus on career and skill exploration. For adults, our focus is to assess and improve on current limitations on prospective employment.