Recovery For Life

(Prop 47)

Recovery for Life is a program made possible through a partnership with North County Lifeline, together we aim to provide an array of wrap around services to any willing and eligible participants. Participants are referred by the courts and then are offered a compendium of services aimed to help them be: College, Career, and Life Ready.  Eligible participants are those who have petitions the courts for their qualifying felony conviction to be reclassified as a misdemeanor under Prop 47 (click here for more information).  Some of our services include: Academic Support, Mentoring, Work Readiness Training, and additional wrap around services. 

Our Services

Academic Support (5).png

Academic Support

  • Individualized education plan

  • Tutoring services

  • School supply assistance

  • Financial aid workshops

  • Course planning for college

  • Test prep materials

  • Testing fee assistance

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Benefit from the shared life experiences from a dedicated mentor who will help you navigate through the course of one year. 

Mentors are provided high quality training and are screened/vetted through the local police department. 

Work Readiness Training

  • Resume building

  • soft skill

  • Cover letters

  • References

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Personalized career development

  • Guided job search

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Additional Services

  • Parenting classes

  • Cannabis Abuse Project*

  • Gang Tattoo Removal Program

  • Financial Literacy

  • Supportive Services

*Ages 12-18 only.

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If you think you might be eligible because you have experiences re-sentencing due to Prop 47, please contact Carlos Ramirez.


Phone: (760) 839-4515