Neighborhood transformation project 

The Neighborhood Transformation Project (NTP) is a focused and coordinated community policing effort between the City of Escondido, area businesses, residents and community based organizations to make a specific geographical area a safer, cleaner and better place to live and operate a business. 

The Escondido Police Department is committed to creating safer communities by focusing our efforts on environmental transformation, one neighborhood at a time.
— Craig S. Carter Chief of Police
NTP City Square.JPG
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The current geographic area (footprint) of the NTP’s focus is the “City Square”; centered on the Grape Day Park area. The specific boundary is Grand to Mission, between Broadway and Center City.  Please see picture on the left as a point of reference.

Previously assessed areas include; the East Escondido Project, The South Escondido Project, and the West Escondido Project. 

The Coalition for Drug Free Escondido and Escondido Education COMPACT,  along with their youth and community members, have administered pre-surveys to 90 businesses in this area in an effort to assist in identifying needed environmental changes and educational opportunities; which will lead to not only making the area safer, but more attractive for residents that live and visit this area of Escondido. 

So far there have been a total of 76 surveys collected and the data is currently being assessed. This NTP effort is the fourth one in Escondido and is primarily filled with businesses; concluding in the spring of 2019 at which point a new NTP footprint will be identified and initiated. 

For more information of the DFC Coalition, or to get involved with this or future NTP projects then please contact the Coalition Coordinator, Alicia Espinoza at Education COMPACT;
(760) 839-4515.