Workforce Development

Career development through implementation of educational and rehabilitative services. For youth, these services focus on career and skill exploration. For adults, our focus is to assess and improve on current limitations on prospective employment. 


Career Days

Every school year COMPACT works with the Middle Schools to organize a Career Day on each of the campuses. On this day, professionals from various fields come and speak to students about what their career experiences and what it takes to be successful in that field. 

Conservation Fellows

A local fellowship program for local Escondido students. This fellowship will provide students with real world experience working in STEM fields involved with conservation work. As part of the programs, students will work with professionals and mentors to design a restoration proposal for the Escondido Creek Channel.


More information will be available soon. 

Job Shadow Day

Every year COMPACT organizes a district-wide Job Shadow Day. On this day, students from each of the Escondido high schools are hosted by a local business that matches their career interest and for one day they get to experience that job first hand.

Recovery for life (Prop 47) - by referral only

Made possible through a partnership with North County Lifeline, together we aim to provide an array of wrap around services to any willing and eligible candidate. Participants are referred by the courts and offered a compendium of services aimed to help them be: College, Career, and Life Ready. These services include academic support, Academic Support, Mentoring, Work Readiness Training, and additional services. 

North County Tattoo Removal Program

This free program is available for people who live in North San Diego County, with priority given to those between the ages of 18-35. Participants must have visible gang tattoos on their face, head, neck and/or hands which are inhibiting their ability to find employment or leave the gang life. They must not have any current involvement with gangs, gang members or gang activity.