Prevention & Intervention

We offer various service geared toward the prevention and intervention of violence. These services are a second chance opportunity for young offenders to reintegrate to school or the workforce.

Cannabis Abuse Workshop

This 6 week workshop is for juveniles who have begun using marijuana. The workshop series will include group and one-on-one sessions to help a juvenile stay sober and get back on track at school and home.

Drug Free Communities

Drug Free Communities (DFC) program serves Escondido, California through the Coalition For Drug Free Escondido, a local coalition compromised of organizations and persons who are interested in working together to prevent youth access to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in Escondido California.


Family intervention team (FIT)

Family Intervention Team – FIT works with middle and high school aged boys who are at risk of joining a gang. The team includes former gang members and retired law enforcement officers. Boys who meet the criteria are invited to join FIT.

Girls rock

The Girls Rock Program is a Gender Specific Program designed to provide intervention services for females in the 7th or 8th grade. The program is facilitated by COMPACT’s Girl Case Manager and two female Escondido Police Officers.

Guiding good choices

 A 5-week workshop series for parents and caregivers of elementary and middle school children. (Ages 9-14). Classes are offered in English and Spanish.

multi disciplinary team  

 The Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) meets two times a month. Members of the team include school administration, the police department, local community based organizations, substance abuse professionals and the faith community.

north county tattoo removal program

 The North County Tattoo Removal Program is a partnership with the Escondido Gang Reduction Intervention and Prevention (EGRIP) Taskforce, Escondido Police, Escondido Education COMPACT and Neighborhood Healthcare. The program is funded through a Neighborhood Revitalization Grant from Supervisor Bill Horn’s Office and a CalGRIP Grant. 

Project HERO

Project Hero is a mentoring program for youth ages 12-24. The mentoring relationship will last for 1 year and will be monitored by program staff. Mentors are trained through a partnership with Mentor Management Systems and have the ability to participate in multiple trainings throughout the year as well as participate in monthly structured events for mentor and mentee.


The STOP Act program was created to strengthen collaboration among the federal, state, local governments, and communities to more effectively reduce alcohol use among youth, with the focus being on student athletes. STOP will be partnering with local schools and organizations to reach student athletes. 

Youth court

Youth Court is a diversion program that allows youth offenders to be tried and represented by their peers at their sentencing hearing. This educational process gives youth a chance to hear and speak out for each other, while learning more about the judicial system.


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